Christmas Gifts in Chiringa

You, our Abbas Rest supporters, generously made individual gifts, via our Gifts page, to those in need at Chiringa – solar lights (4), plastic sheeting (4 rolls to cover 8 houses), and blankets+mat (2). The solar lights were given to Medeliya, James, Fibe and Eunala. The roofing sheets were given to Ogeniyo, Olaliya, Agness(1), Selina, Maliyana, Samson, Agness(2), and Maggie. The blankets were given to ?Jiney and Ogeniyo. The 13 recipients (10 women and 3 men) were selected as the most needy in the judgement of our Chiringa team who know the area and the people so well – George, Blessings and Chikondi. This was our first attempt to arrange special gifts, and we thank you for getting the scheme off to a good start.

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