Abba’s Rest AGM

The AGM of the trustees will be by Zoom this year, on Monday July 27th, at 11:00 am. Any supporters who would like to attend should use our contact form to let us know in advance. We shall then email you the log-in details, along with an agenda and annual accounts. You will be able to see and hear and speak to the trustees, hearing the latest news and being able to contribute as you wish. For security purposes, attenders will initially, and briefly, be placed on hold before joining the meeting.
The inadvisability of meeting in person in these difficult times means that we shall not be able to offer you the coffee and cake we intended, but the advantage is that (we hope) more supporters will be able to ‘tune in’ to our activities and our hopes for the future.

Blankets for warmth

On June 19th, our Chiringa team told us that  most of our elders complained of feeling cold since we are in the cold months, and told as that the blankets which they received long time back are worn out. therefore, we at once approved that purchase, and manager George and his team distributed blankets and sleeping mats.

Covid Precautions

On May 29th, the Chiringa team asked for funds for sanitizers, plastic washing buckets and soap, as the Government, unable to manage on its own, was urging all organizations to take part in assisting the community. Of course, we approved, and each of the 60 beneficiaries received a plastic washing bucket and three cartons of soap.