Gifts for Malawi

Stuck for gift ideas? Choose a gift for a Malawi family. It will be allocated, under the name you give us (your own or a friend/relation), to someone who most needs it.
(We will pass on only the forename of the donor you nominate on the form.)

We will email to you an acknowledgement suitable for forwarding to a friend/relation.
Your gift will bring pleasure to you or your nominee, and to the beneficiary in Chiringa.

 If you purchase more than one item, they will be allocated to different individuals.

give a solar light

A solar light which also charges a phone – £9

. . . or blanket + mat

For a cold night, a blanket + sleeping mat – £7

. . . or roof sheeting

To keep rain from dripping into thatched homes – a 50m roll – £5

Gifts for Malawi

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