What we do

Abbas Rest supports orphans and their families in Chiringa, S E Malawi, through school fees, emergency maize, fertiliser and seeds, hospital costs, and much else.

For the Michesi Water Scheme, established 2019, see a separate page.

Care & Share focuses on the following areas:
Care & Share is now the ONLY charity working within the Chiringa area. Until 2017, the charity was also working at Muona, further south, but the needs in Chiringa prompted the decision to concentrate on helping one community well.
Orphans and Vulnerable Children – in the last academic year we had 24 children on bursary, of whom 12 sat their Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) and 9 passed with good grades. The students have thanked us for their school fees, boarding fees, school uniforms, learning materials and food. We have 50 children in the maize program and 30 children on bursary – the social welfare want to increase our area of working, but we cannot take more villages at the moment.
Children Based Community Center – The nursery school has 171 children, meeting in their own classroom, and receiving our hot nutritious meals throughout the year. The land for the classroom was gifted by ‘gogos’, great grand-parents, and the building costs were met by Abbas Rest.
Looking after Elderlies – there are about 30 elderlies, all over 75 years old with no-one to look after them. Some manage to walk to the centre, but others need to be visited. The youth group built a small house for one who is blind (brick-walled single-room with grass roof).
Youth Group – The youth group is doing its best to support and help the elderlies in the community. The group has repaired and maintained 10 houses and has also provided school uniforms to 10 children.
HIV/AIDS Support Group – This group was established to support and encourage fellowship and awareness
Home Based Care
Provision of Water – In 2017, we repaired 4 boreholes in Chiringa, where shortage of water is a big challenge for the people. In 2018, with the support of the Rotary Club of Ayr, a new borehole, with pumping powered by solar panels, supplies water to tanks, and on to three kiosks where people can collect fresh water. Care & Share is assisting the new water committee to maintain the new system.

Care & Share also works with government officials in the areas of, for example:
Human rights,
Child Trafficking,
Early marriages,
Disaster Management,
Irrigation Schemes,
Advisory to the chiefs,
Area Development Committee

(this new website was started in mid-Feb. 2019, and information is still being added)