Coffee at Dalry

Enjoy a Saturday outing to a Coffee Morning in aid of Abbas Rest/Care&Share on Sat 28th September at the Town Hall in St John’s Town of Dalry – time 10-12 am & entry £3 (children £1.50). Avril Brown will be happy to receive any donations, whether baking or cash. In early days, the town met the needs of pilgrims travelling from Edinburgh to the church established by St Ninian at Whithorn, and now meets the needs of walkers on the Southern Upland Way – can our work in Malawi, plus a warm welcome and home baking, tempt you to make a pilgrimage in that direction on the 28th?

August – new gate & ICT visit

We’ve known for a long time that the gate of the centre at Chiringa needed replacement, so we have funded a new gate. The photos below show the old gate, the new gate, and the adjoining wall where three young people were trained in brickwork as an important component of the gate installation. The fourth photo shows the Minister of ICT, Hon Mark Botomani, MP, visiting the Tele-center as part of the promotion of universal ICT access – our manager Forster asked the Minister for support for children in our care, and was granted ten training places at the Tele-center.

August photos

  • The old gate
    The old gate